Rethinking Corn

Corn is a sacred plant to many indigenous groups across the Americas. The history of corn started about 9,000 years ago in what is now Mexico. Then it was a small grass that grew 1 inch cobs. Since that time it has been bred into a staple crop. Today it is one of the most widely grown plants in the world. From small beginnings this plant has been a big part of human civilizations past and present.

The corn of today is vastly different from historical corn. A key difference is 90+ % of the corn grown today is the product of genetic modification. GMO corn has been altered to withstand heavy applications of herbicides and pesticides. It was not genetically altered to be disease resistant but to be pesticide and herbicide resistant. As such GMO corn receives heavy applications pesticide and herbicides. The chemical gysophosate is applied to corn. This chemical is known to cause cancer and major retailers like Costco have stopped selling it.

Corn and Chronic Illness

In my work with individuals who have chronic illness and/or infections like Lyme benefit from eliminating corn. I have come to understand that eliminating corn from the diet can go a long way to. There are numerous times I have seen people stop consuming corn and have a dramatic improvement in their symptoms.

Experts say corn allergies are rare. But considering how many toxins are applied to corn how can we truly know? I wonder if there was the same awareness of corn toxicity as there is of other food intolerances would people’s health improve? We are well versed in wheat, soy and dairy and I think it’s time to add corn to the list.

What you may notice by eliminating corn from your diet:

  • Improved Mood and Outlook
  • More Mental Clarity
  • Areas of Chronic Inflammation decrease
  • Digestion Improves
  • Energy Levels Improve
  • Decrease in body pains
  • And you respond more favorably to treatment

Allow at least 2 weeks free of corn and see how you feel. You may notice improved health and  well being by this simple act.

Corn is Everywhere

When seeking to eliminate corn from your diet know that corn is everywhere. Corn occupies so many foods that line the grocery store aisles. Because corn is so versatile it is found hiding in many foods. Corn based ingredients include sugars, oil, vitamin C, coloring, cellulose, gums, and more.

Ascorbic acid the most common form of Vitamin C is made from corn. Alternatives include Ecological Formula’s Vitamin C from tapioca. As well as vitamin C from New Chapter and Megafood. Another ubiquitous corn derivative is xanthum gum found in many gluten free products. Also when you see “vegetable oil” on an ingredient list it will likely contain some amount of corn oil. When eating out know that many restaurants use corn oil. And most sauces, soup, or stews contain corn starch thickener. In summary corn is everywhere the links below provide a more exhaustive lists of corn ingredients.

I suggest abstaining from corn in all its forms for a minimum of 2 weeks. My guess is your mental clarity and mood will improve.

All the best on your journey to health.