Mount Shasta Flower Essences

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The marvel of Mt. Shasta can be seen and even felt from miles away. It is like a silent sentinel standing tall and radiating peace. In 2011 I participated in a vision quest at Mt Shasta and had a deeply powerful experience. Upon arriving I was struck by the many and varied flowers in bloom. I had the idea of co-creating flower essences, but shelved the idea for another time as I was there for other purposes. I should have known better . . .

Once the vision quest was complete, I left the mountain for a few days and felt myself being called back loudly. I returned, pitched a tent and was swiftly called to numerous flowers. I thought maybe I would make 1 or 2 essences. But . . . I wound up with a collection of 16 remedies. These Mt. Shasta flower essences quickly became powerful medicines in my personal practice.

These are some of my favorite flower essences. They represent a number of plant families including lilies, orchids, and asteraceaes. The Mt. Shasta flower essences carry a simple, clear and potent vibration. From the outset it was clear that these essences would be needed by many. And, now they have found a fine home offices of chiropractors, accunpuncturists, body works and other flower essence therapists.

I cherish these essences and the message of healing they carry. Mt. Shasta holds a special place in my heart. Thankfully I was able to heed the calling and fulfill the mission to co-create the Mt. Shasta Kit.

There are many essences that stand out from this kit that have helped my clients heal. One particular is the flower essence of Monkshood. I have watched time and time again as this remedy helped people unwind early childhood trauma. It is very useful for those who fear what they know. I have watched it restore my clients’ faith and trust in their inner resources time and time again. It has profound effects on deep recesses of the psyche.

To learn more about each essence in the Mt. Shasta Kit please visit this link .

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