Surviving Agitation and Overwhelm

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Are you feeling tense, overwhelmed, or agitated? You are not alone. With the news of each new terror attack, toxic political move, archaic policy shift and school shooting our psyche and soul react. We are easily impacted by violence and dramatic changes at home and abroad. It is not uncommon for our energy system to contract in response to the abnormal times we live in. You may feel immune to all this but still operate with a general sense of unease regardless.

It is important for the nervous system to feel safe. As it helps us to feel calm, at peace and provides for a gentle sense of  okay-ness. In general there are some common reactions to this type of life stress.

Here is a list of common emotion and psychological reactions:

  • agitated
  • on edge
  • uncertain
  • dis-empowered
  • more tense than usual
  • sense of overwhelm
  • difficulty unwinding
  • a general inability to feel grounded and safe

Flower Essences to the Rescue . . .

As you may have guessed I would suggest the use of flower essences to support your in these challenging times. Flower essences are simple tools that will help you stay calm and balanced. This month Essence Alchemy is offering 20% 10 flower essences to that support you relax, unwind and face the challenges of life with dignity and poise.

A wiki wiki: 
Price: $12.00

Use this essence when you feel your heart light has been extinguished from anxiety, tension and/or too much emotional processing. A wiki wiki awakens the heart light and helps to connect the heart and mind. It is a wonderful essence for restoring a sense of certainty when you feel off kilter and uncertain.

Calm Essence:
Price: $12.00

Use this blend when you feel “keyed up” and are unable to relax. The Calm blend should be used when you feel nervous, strained, edgy or under pressure it will help you unwind. It is excellent for helping to pacify the mind, emotions and nervous system. For sleep try combining with Tension Release. Read more about this formula here.

Price: $12.00

Supports structure, alignment, grounding, expansion and joy; good for those who lack humor and playfulness. Clementine flower essence supports alignment of the physical and emotional bodies this alignment supports peace and relaxation.

Heart Tongue Orchid:
Price: $12.00

This essence re-connects us to grace and the stillness in the heart. It is helpful in times of stress and upheaval. As a companion during recovery Heart Tongue Orchid offers comfort when feeling shattered.

Price: $12.00

Traumatic events past and present can disable our ability to focus. The Narcissus flower essence is indicated when you feel un-grounded and overwhelmed. It helps the system release charged energy that prevents centering, cohesion, and focus.

Shooting Star: 
Price: $12.00

This is an all around useful grounding essence. It helps one to feel safe and get in touch with their inherent sense of wholeness. Use Shooting Star flower essence for self acceptance, and to feel at home in the body. It is good for people who are ambivalent about being present in the body.

Short Leaved Milkwort:
Price: $12.00

The flower essence of Short Leaved Milkwort soothes the nervous system and is good for people who are easily frightened. It helps balance emotional extremes and promotes the ability to see with greater emotional clarity. The quality of containment this essence produces allows for release of emotional distress and helps one feel grounded.

Tension Release: 
Price: $12.00

This blend is designed to help use release physical, emotional and psychological rigidity. Helps us release the pressure of time and release stored emotional/mental tension from the musculature. A good remedy to use prior to a massage or bodywork session. Read more about this formula here.

Western Mimulus: 
Price: $12.00

For the release of trapped anger and frustration. This essence helps us contact healthy expressions of anger. It helps us to overcome shyness and access our courage in the face of fear. A good essence for those who feel dis-empowered.

Yellow Archangel:
Price: $12.00

This essence support us to take positive action in the world. It helps you tap into  forces of your destiny and act with greater conviction. It carries the support of the angels and aids in connecting to higher powers. Good for those who don’t think they deserve success.

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