Horned Bladderwort Flower Essence

images-1Horned bladderwort is a carnivorous plant that grows in bogs, swamps and moist places. The Essence Alchemy Bladderwort flower essence was made in the Pine Barrens in Southern New Jersey. The Pine Barrens is a fascinating eco- system and the largest area of undeveloped land between NYC and Washington DC. It is also home to one of the largest aquifers in the world, holding trillions of gallons of pure water.


Horned Bladderwort Flower Essence – Seeing Through Deception

Horned bladderwort flower essence opens pathways to clear seeing. It helps to clarify perception. Perception deals with how we understand and interpret something. It is an important function of the ‘seeing process’. There are many things that can alter our perception and one of them is trauma, particularly trauma where the person has been lied to and deceived. This essence helps those who have been lied to and deceived in the past and end up attracting people who lie to them now. It is good for people who are deceived often and have a hard time perceiving the truth.

The trauma of distortion, deception, and lies is pervasive. We seem to live in a world where the distortion of facts has become the norm. This creates a field of illusion and many people feel unable to perceive and trust the motives of others.

Horned bladderwort flower essence strengthens the conscious mind’s ability to pierce through lies and illusion. Horned bladderwort flower essence supports deep clarity, and helps us shed limiting beliefs, false beliefs, and old ways of being. It gives us the support we need to make clear decisions based on inner truth.

Horned Bladderwort flower essence helps us let go of fear and release suppressed emotions. It supports confidence and discernment. This essence will help expose any falsehood in a situation or relationship we are in. This is an appropriate essence for our time, when lies, ‘alternative facts’, and manipulation are rampant. Horned bladderwort will aid in healing trauma and preventing re-traumatization.

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