The Power of Intuition

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“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” Ram Dass

If you’ve ever spent time in silent retreat you know how powerful it can be.  It helps me get clear, release the past and connect deeper with my inner wisdom. I find silence to be a priceless gift it offers a clear space to hear my own quite voice within.

At first silence can feel uncomfortable and awkward. Then as the mind settles a natural peace and inner knowing arises. In the silence I began to sense the world from a deeper place within. A strong feeling of interconnection, serendipity, and precognition became a natural part of my days. This ordinary yet seemingly esoteric experience I was having is called intuition.

Transitioning from the sanctuary of retreat to the ‘outside’ world I became aware of the noise. It is loud when humans come together. No judgement just an observation. On top of that we have billboards (visual noise), cell phones, texting, tweeting and so on (psychic noise) to contend with.

In a noisy world, the Intuition formula can enhance your life in a deep and authentic way. Being connected to your inner wisdom is enriching and empowering. I designed the Intuition formula to strengthen your connection with your inner wisdom. This potent blend of 6 flower essences supports inner certainty, clarity and a strong connection to your Higher Self.

The Intuition blend contains the following flower essences.

Beargrass: strengthens your ability to access inner wisdom

Bellflower: supports certainty and trust in your intuition

Blue Columbine: strengthens your connection with your higher self

Horned Bladderwort: helps you to see through lies and deception

Monkshood: supports clairvoyance and prognostication and spiritual trust

Queen Anne’s Lace: prevents distortion of your intuitive and psychic perceptions

Price: $12.00

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