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Space Clearing & Removing Obstacles Webinar

By Mark D'Aquila | Comments Off on Space Clearing & Removing Obstacles Webinar

GaneshThis webinar will teach you how to conduct a thorough space clearing ceremony. You will learn how to clear your home of foreign energy, entities and consciousness using the power of flower essences in a focused dynamic way.

The space we live and work in hold a lot of energy. Conducting regular Space Clearing can improve our life in a number of ways. Experience shows it can help us feel more relax, improve productivity, support mental clarity, help with sleep, creativity, and move stuck energy.

Learn how to clear entities, attachments, energetic parasites, and clear the remnants of old emotional residue from your home or place of business. Space clearing is invaluable for therapists, healers, body workers, or anyone who works closely with others.


Price: $100.00

Date: October 2nd, 2016 – 11am to 12:30pm Pacific Standard Time

Price includes: $90 worth of Space Clearing supplies and

-90 minute webinar
Detailed description of the Space Clearing Protocol
Notes from webinar
Three 4oz Space Clearing Sprays
Detox, Protection and White Sage Spray $75 Value
One 2oz bottle of Limited Edition French Clearing Spray $15 Value
1 Bee’s wax votive candle

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