The Soul of Home – Space Clearing to Honor the Home

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Last week I was interviewed by Rebeka Muir of Every Day Seeker about the space clearing work I do. Listen to the Podcast on Space Clearing. Click Here

Space Clearing work allows us to shift the energy of our space. Large amounts of our time are spent indoors. And the quality of our indoor atmosphere impacts our energy, state of mind, and emotions. Our spaces are designed to keep us contained, safe and held. And, when our homes feel good inside we feel good. The Space Clearing work I teach is to honor the home and its inhabitants.

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Moods, emotions, illness, our patterns and other peoples leave a residue in our space. Energy patterns attract similar energy patterns. Heaviness attracts more heaviness as well as entities, dark energies and so on. Conversely light energy attracts its compliments, health, angelic presences, relaxation and so on. We live in a dynamic universe with much happening in the unseen worlds. There are energies to support us, guides, angels, devas and so on. And, there are energies of entropy, inertia, and disease which don’t support us.

Over the years as my personal space clearing work was developing I could sense it impacting my life in ways I did not expect. I noticed my work would flow better, relationships improve, sleep improve and business would pick up. Slowly I became clued into something deeper happening. As I began to honor the soul and soil of the place I spend the most time life flowed more smoothly.

Honoring the home is a way to consciously engage with the Soul of your home. On March 20th 2016, the Spring Equinox you are invited to learn how to conduct on space clearing for your home. When you sign up for this webinar you will receive the tools you need to begin Space Clearing immediately.

Tuition includes three 4 ounce Space Clearing Sprays, one 2 ounce Spray, a beeswax candle and a personal clearing formula. The webinar will be 90 minutes and includes  time for questions. You are encouraged to register early so the supplies can be mailed to you before the class begins.

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