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On March 20th 2016, the Spring Equinox Essence Alchemy is offering the first in many online classes. The first webinar is focused on Space Clearing with Flower Essences and Essential Oils.  Spring is the time of renewal. The time to shake the old off and conduct a deep cleaning of your personal space. The perfect time for a deep energetic cleanse.

For years I have been using flower essences and essential oils to shift the energetics of my personal space. For thousands of years humans have been using plant materials to create sacred and hygienic environments. During the March 20th webinar you will learn how to conduct your own cleansing ceremony to support your personal goals. We will go beyond the process of purification known as smudging and include a wide variety of flower essences and oils.

By Space Clearing we honor the soul of our home.  The Soul of our home or place of work is often forgotten for the sake of efficiency and orderliness. But, we can feel when we enter a neglected space. It can feel heavy, dull, or inert. This can happen in our own home as well. And, there are times we enter a space that is honored and cared for. That space feels lifted, sacred and healthy this to can happen in our homes as well.

Space clearing is part of an ancient tradition one we seem to have forgotten. Over the centuries Space Clearing has taken many forms with each form drawing on the healing energy of nature. The Space Clearing work I was taught and teach draws upon the life giving vibrations of the plant spirits. The process involves establishing a partnership with Nature and combining that with our active engaged participation.  has a profound healing on our homes and lives.

Please join me March 20th at 11am pst and learn to be a steward to the Spirit of you home. Tuition includes all the materials you need plus a few extra support tools.

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