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The Wisdom of Winter

By Mark D'Aquila | Comments Off on The Wisdom of Winter

“In a way winter is the real spring, the time when the inner things happen, the resurge of nature.” –Edna O.Brien

Today is the winter solstice. The longest night of the year and the first official day of winter. Winter traditionally is an introspective season a time when mammals and plants hibernate. It is a time of  dormancy when we remain inactive or indoors for extended periods.

Winter is the season of rest and the rhythm of nature supports this. While the pace and duties of daily life may not slow down you may notice you’re craving more sleep and quiet. Honoring your craving for rest and quiet serves long term well being. In fact rest is crucial to replenishing our vital forces.

Winter Workshops to Support Inner Development

More and more people are turning to plants and flowers essences for support. Flower essences are a perfect healing tool for the inner landscape. And, by healing our inner wounds, limiting beliefs, traumas, and negative imprints, our outer world shifts. This January I will be presenting 3 workshops exploring inner healing and how to use flower essences to support inner growth. Sign up here:  Seeding Conscious Intentions for 2016.

Practices to Support Winter Rejuvenation

Winter is a good time for getting back in touch with oneself. The slowing down of outer activity  supports deeper listening to our own heart, soul and higher self. This can be a time of coming back to what’s important to living a healthy balanced life. Remembering we can find productivity in slowing down, glean wisdom from silence and energy from rest. Attuning with nature can help us make sense of the larger patterns of life. It also puts us in touch with the simplicity and connectedness of all life.

The cold and dark of winter invariably means we spend more time indoors. The general quiet of the season favors meditation and inner reflection. If you’ve been thinking of taking up a spiritual practice now is a good time. Some recommendations include restorative yoga, yin yoga or Tai Chi. These practices tune the body, putting you in touch with its deeper needs. This is a great time to find he joy in quite and simplicity. In our modern fast paced technologically driven world it is easy to lose touch with the rhythms of nature and simplicity of life.

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