Flower Essences for Children

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flower essences for childrenThis post will detail how to apply the Home Use Kit specifically to meet the needs of children. This back to school season has me thinking about flower essences for children.

Flower essences are safe and gentle this makes them perfect for children. What I sincerely love about flower essences for children is they keep the system healthy and resilient. They prevent negative attitudes and programming from taking root in the personality. Flower essences fortify us against low self-esteem, fear, guilt, shame, and other qualities which do not support healthy personal development.

 The Home Use Kit 12 formulas in this Kit are perfect for children and the challenges they face in school and in life. You can purchase the entire kit for 20% off or you can purchase each formula individually.

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Flower Essences for Children, applying the formulas to children

flower essences for childrenCalm: This formula supports boundaries and gently soothes the nervous system; which encourages a child to feel safe and open. This flower essence formula is great for children who get “keyed up” easily. Calm will help them gently unwind and relax.


flower essences for childrenDetox: A perfect formula to help children clear impressions of violence and disturbing imagery from their psyches. The Detox formula clears the psyche and supports energetic ‘hygiene’. Research indicates that excessive ‘screen time‘ is detrimental to a child’s emotional and psychological well being. Detox will clear negative impressions from a child’s impressionable psyche.

shooting starEmotional Release: This formula is for pent up emotions that lack expression. Anything from frustration, anger, or sadness. Children can feel deeply yet not know how to express; Emotional Release will help them balance their emotional energy.


Flower essences for children Focus: This formula increases the ability to focus, concentrate and study. Its many applications include helping prevent feeling overwhelmed, tendency toward distractions, and with managing diverse details. Great for a mind compressed by too much school work.


images-3Grounding: This formula encourages containment and feelings of safety; great for children who are dreamy and not well grounded.



images-2Intuition: This formula supports inner wisdom and trust, good for children who doubt themselves; good for study and test taking. Doubt can plague a child and linger on into adult hood; this flower essence formula for children will help children trust their inner wisdom.


images-4Joy: This formula is good for somber children or school induced depression. It can lift a child’s spirit to meet the school day with less dread. Excellent to use when there is a lack of humor. School pressure can easily get to children and supporting them to lighten up can have immense benefits.


flower essences for childrenMeditation: This formula is good for spiritually minded children curious about God and deeper aspects of life.



st_johnswortProtection: An all around useful formula to help children who don’t feel safe. Good for nightmares, obsessive behavior and unexplained fears. Children are more energetically sensitive than adults; this flower essence formula for children supports strong energetic boundaries.

IMG_1184Re-balance/Restore: This formula is for over use of the mental forces, studying, etc… which drains emotional and physical vitality. Children who appear listless after too much study, tv, screen time and video games will benefit from this formula.


Blueberry cactus upcloseStress Relief: This formula is for children who are high achievers, first born or leaders. It will bring balance to such forthright energy. Use to prevent burnout, anxiety and high strung states of being. For children who need support relaxing.


dandelionTension Relief: Another useful formula for unwinding, it supports the release of mental/emotional tension held in the body. Good for athletes and overly tense children. This flower essence formula can help children unwind and relax with greater ease.


To learn more about this kit and each formula visit the Home Use Kit page.

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