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sale tagSolstice offerings to brighten your summer

Summer is finally here and the 4th of July is just around the corner. To add more sparkle to your summer I am offering 20% off each of my flower essence kits.


All flower essence kits 20% Off use coupon code: solstice

 Each kit is unique unto itself and they each carry a special healing energy.

The Elemental Garden Kit – this is the main clinical kit of 36 remedies that has received acclaim for its use in restoring health and balance.

The Mt. Shasta Kit – the second clinical kit containing 16 remedies from the sacred land of Mt. Shasta

The Home Use Kit – this versatile kit of 12 remedies are now being used by lay people as well as professional healers.

The Citrus Kit – Essence Alchemy’s most recent creation of 8 remedies. The Citrus flower essences have a distinct action and impact on the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Also on sale is the new Space Clearing Detox Spray.

IMG_0283Space clearing is the art of removing dis-harmonious energy from a space. This Space Clearing Spray was designed to remove unwanted energies, lift the vibration, and restore your space to a state of neutrality. This Space Clearing Spray will clear darkened, dense, ungrounded energies and usher in a clear uplifting bright energy. It clears negative psychic energy and related energetic imbalances. This spray combines well with White Sage Purification Spray.

Some indications that these sprays may benefit you include feeling:

-encumbered by negative thoughts and feelings
-heavy from processing strong emotions
-cut off from your wisdom body
-like you need and want more lightness

 Use them in your home, office, yoga room, or meditation space. These sprays make great travel companions. Use them to clear the energy of your hotel room, to cleanse your energy field after flying and in your rental car.

Wishing you a safe and healthy summer!

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