Understanding and Addressing Loss with Flower Essences

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IMG_0998The feeling of loss is perhaps one of the hardest aspects of being a human. Unique to humans and higher mammals loss is not easily dealt with by the mind and can be hard to grasp emotionally. We can experience deep grief from the loss and death of a parent, lover, pet, title, position or object.

To symbolize loss I choose the picture of a sunset because it  exemplifies the transient and temporal aspects of life. Sunsets are beautiful and they are something we cannot hold we can only enjoy them in the moment. Life is precious and loss can feel and be devastating. Having support can help us as we learn and grow from our life experiences.

One reason I love flower essences is that they offer a rare level of support for the soul and personality dealing with loss. They work deeply with the soul and psyche to help us process, re-calibrate to and understand loss. Flower essences soothe the emotions, mind and spirit by connecting us directly with the living support of the plant kingdom. Below is a list of some amazing essences for addressing feelings of loss and despair.

Flower Essences for Treating Loss

Sweet Chestnut flower essence is indicated for times of deep pain and agony accompanied by feelings of despair and loneliness. Feelings like this are likened to the ‘dark night of the soul’ when the soul is tested by periods of dark despair. Out of the 38 Bach flower remedies use Sweet Chestnut to foster spiritual depth. Sweet Chestnut  instills in us the faith that we can overcome adversity through spiritual communion.

Love Lies Bleeding flower essence supports our ability to move beyond personal pain, suffering and mental anguish. It supports us in developing trans-personal vision and compassionate acceptance of karma. It treats intense pain due to isolation and over-personalization of one’s pain.

Forget Me Not flower essence treats feelings of loneliness and isolation, especially after the loss of a loved one. Forget Me Not, helps one feel more connection to the spiritual world, helping one to gain a mindfulness of the trans-personal aspects of relationships.

Confederate Violet flower essence supports deep relaxation of the nervous system, it helps one to shed identification with pain and trauma and find greater inner peace. It is useful in the release process to support stabilization, trust and inner gentleness.

It is recommended to use these remedies in combination to address the many aspects our soul and psyche deal with on its healing journey. You can create a formula using the Your Personal Formula feature. And, if you have any questions or would like a personal consultation feel free to contact me at flowerremedy(at)gmail.com.


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