Flower Essences for Happiness

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flower essences for happinessWhat are the flower essences for happiness? Is there a flower essence for happiness? The answer is yes and no, there are many flower essences for happiness. And, there is no single essence for happiness for everyone. Before we get into a discussion of flower essences for happiness lets take a deep look. In my work as a flower essence therapist I’ve found it helpful to first clear negativity and from there support my clients to build happiness.

First Clear Negative Energy

Negative energy is dense, heavy and at cross purpose to the lighter emotions of happiness and joy. To really assist my clients and be of true service I have developed the “Negative Energy Release Process”. I developed this process because the core of negativity needs to first be addressed before other work can begin. Often by simply clearing this core piece of negativity happiness naturally arises.

What is the Negative Energy Release Process?

It is a simple process where I use a diagnostic sheet to identify the core negative factors and possible co-factors underlying the negative energy in your life.  This can range from negative beliefs all the way to entities or attachments. I also identify blocked chakras, lodged traumas, obstructed meridians and more. Once all this information is gather I  identify the essences needed to clear the negativity.

Once the essences are selected I administer one dose of each essence. Then I guide the essences deep into the system using a hands on healing technique which lasts 20 minutes. This process can also be used for distance healing similar to the way Reiki can be administered from a distance.


They include a general feeling of lightness, improved relationships, a more optimistic outlook and a sense of being free from obstructions. The Negative Energy Release Process can help just about everyone. At some degree on some level there is negativity blocking us from experiencing happiness and expressing our full potential.

Would you like to clear the negativity in your life?

Please contact me directly if you are interested in this process. I work with clients all over the country and I have used this technique to help my phone clients as well as my in person clients. This powerful process can make a dramatic improvement in the quality of your life. I can be reached at 805-633-0094, treatments last 1 hour and are $125.00.

After this process I then work with my clients to identify the flower essences for happiness that will best support their personal growth.

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