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Flower essence to Make You Cry

By Mark D'Aquila | Comments Off on Flower essence to Make You Cry

Did you ever just want to cry? You ever feel the urge in you for no reason a longing to shed some tears? Tears that have been with you for a long time. It is kind of a funny feeling to want to cry but feel unable. This happens when emotions build up, go unexpressed and become pressurized. When we honor this feeling to shed tears it has the power to a profound place of relief.

Grief, sadness, longing are emotions our society doesn’t properly acknowledge. They don’t fit the mechanized way our culture operates, frankly they are disruptive to the status quo. Imagine sitting at your desk balling like a child? What would your boss think? How would you feel? It is a raw place to be and when we feel raw like that we want comfort, protection, sanctuary.

Instead of acknowledging this place we forge ahead with Puritanical grit. Thank god for flower essences! Flower essences are our allies in this emotional domain, these uncharted water deep below our skin. As a world we are comfortable with exploring what’s outside and we’ve forgotten about the rich territory within. Our heart and soul are the final frontier for that is where infinity lies.

I want to share with you a few flower essence to help you get in touch with your emotions.

Marshmallow: this flower essence softens hardened personalities and emotions. It is wonderful to help you find the soft space inside of yourself.

Onion: this flower essence addresses repressed emotions, it is for releasing sadness and helps with all stages of the grieving process.

Sturt Desert Pea: a powerful Bush essence for healing deep pain and sadness. It will help you to release these emotions and bring deep healing at a soul level.

Milk Thistle: this flower essence helps us let go of deep anger. Often times anger is the surface emotion to sadness. It helps to clear feelings which block the flow of love.

Star of Bethlehem: this essence is a softener, it will help to soothe any deep emotional pain from the past or present. It is like a tender mother, comforting and nurturing.

Red Frangipani: this is another Bush essence, it also soothes and helps you to feel calm and peaceful. It is a wonderful essence that supports the process of grieving and letting go. It protects us while we are in a raw emotional state.

This would make a wonderful combination for anyone interested in getting in touch with their feelings. This essence combination support the healthy releasing of tears and sadness. Shedding long held tears brings so much freedom to the body, mind and spirit. It opens up space inside of us and allows us greater access to our true feelings.

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I know that many people are afraid that sadness will overtake them and they won’t be able to stop crying once they start. But in my experience 20 minutes is usually the time it takes to move through a deep cry that has been held in for years. And, once your are finished crying you will feel refreshed, cleansed and renewed.

I am here to welcome your tears, your healthy grieving that you’ve been holding on to for years. By allowing yourself to cry you are giving permission to discover the uncharted territory within. Welcome intrepid travels to the uncharted waters of your soul. I offer you this flower essence combination as an ally in your exploration. It will be your search light as you dive deep. Welcome to the ocean of your soul!

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