Flower Essences for PMS

flower essences for pmsWith a name like Mark you might guess I’m not female. But, I have dated women, so I know the challenge that PMS and menstruation present. Being that I am a loving, giving partner I have sought to ameliorate the suffering those around me experience with regards to PMS and menstrual discomfort. My research via the help of a lovely girlfriend has led to this list of  flower essences for PMS.


Top Flower Essences for PMS:

Pomegranate: The pomegranate fruit is strongly related to the feminine and it is often associated with fertility and abundance. The fruit’s luscious ruby colored seeds produce a satisfying red juice which resembles blood. There is a strong symbolic connection between this fruit and the womb. Of all the flower essences for PMS, Pomegranate may be the most central one to the formula. Historically the fruit has been associated with the uterus, fertility and abundance. This flower essence is great for all manner of female imbalances it helps to balance the female organs and root chakra. It thus helps to stabilize the menstrual process and related emotions.

Rescue Remedy: This is the quintessential emergency remedy it will help you to remain steady and calm with the intense and disorienting feelings related to your monthly cycle.

Dogbane: This is a powerful flower essence for PMS, it is for moments when great courage is needed to overcome a challenging confronting situation. This essence works well for intense menstrual discomfort.

Lady’s Mantle: This flower essence helps to balance many aspects of the feminine psyche and it helps with clarity of thought. It is very useful during intense moments of the monthly cycle.

She Oak: This Australian Bush remedy is used for all manner of female issues related to the reproductive system. She oak has been used to assist with female hormonal imbalances and recent research indicates it is useful for anxiety related to female hormonal imbalances.*

It is best to use these essences in a formula. Begin taking the formula as soon as you notice challenges and discomfort setting in. Continue to use the formula throughout your cycle, consistent use of this formula will help create greater balance in the long term.

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*She Oak Research