Clearing the Past

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bottlebrushMaking a clean break with the past is sometimes hard to do. Our emotions are easily attached to particular people, places and times. It is nice to reminisce but when we need to move on we need to move on. So much is changing in my life and the lives of many people I meet. So much is changing in society as well and things are changing rapidly.

This leaves us the choice of holding on or letting go. While it maybe easy to say just let go, we all know it is hard to do sometimes. Letting go is like a process of unraveling and we need to follow it through to the end.

All the change and need to let go prompted me to formulate a very specific flower essence combination to help us yield to the forces of change. This special blend of essences is designed to help insulate us as we move through our process, cut ties that are no longer needed and help us to emotionally engage in the present. It is also designed to put us in contact with our higher selves and allow that to guide us through our process.

This blend can be of benefit to so many people right now, that is why I am pleased to bring this product to the public. This blend should be used for a minimum of two weeks at least twice a day, preferably 3 times a day. You will be amazed by power of this formula to bring you out of the past and into the present moment. It will help you to rest your thoughts and release the ties that no longer serve you.

Clearing the Past flower essence blend

Price: $14.95

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