Flower Esseces for Grace

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flower essences for graceFlower essence therapy is used to address chronic emotional pain and related turmoil. But, you don’t need to be in crisis to benefit from flower essences. Using flower essences in a proactive manner keeps your energy flowing in a way that allows for growth and grace.

The health model we are used to is one where we seeks support when we are in pain, anguish, injury or trauma. This is natural, and in the complimentary field of wellness that I specialize it is understood that the best time to use these services is when you are well.

I was speaking with an accupunturist friend recently and we were talking about the massive benefit clients could gain from using complimentary wellness techniques pro-actively. When someone comes to me in trauma, I have to focus on putting out the fire. And, when things improve I normally don’t hear from them till another trauma erupts.

In this post I am going to present you with a 3 lovely essences to support your grace. Your natural capacity to move through life with grace, softness and a bit more joy.

flower essences for graceCalendula: this popular radiant summer herb is wonderful to help you soften your use of the spoken word. It helps you to cultivate grace of dialogue. Calendula flower essence will help you cultivate golden receptivity and golden listening. It raises communication to the level of grace; a lovely essence for argumentative types.

Heart Tongued Orchid: this flower essence was made in rural France. It is a lovely gentle flower with quite a presence. This essence will help you to sit comfortably in soft quite presence of peace. It is great for calming turbulent emotions and cultivating more gentleness and loving peace.

flower essecnes for graceStar Tulip: this flower essence from FES of Nevada City has become a recent favorite of mine. I am finding a lot of my clients get a good deal of benefit from Star Tulip. This essence enhances ones sensitivity and receptivity; it enhances the serene soul disposition for deep inner listening. Star tulip is a wonderful flower essence for enhancing meditation and prayer.  Many people are busy seeking outside themselves for answers to their persistent question. Using Star Tulip will help you to contact your inner wisdom and support you receptivity to your inner voice.

All these flower essences for grace are available in our webstore. Also don’t forget about our Your Personal Formula option; which allows you to design a formula of just for you.


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