Healing Sexual Trauma

Healing sexual traumaBelow is a the case from one of my earliest clients. The focus of our work with flower essences was healing sexual trauma. I am sharing this to demonstrate the dynamic nature of flower essence therapy and how it be used to heal. Healing sexual trauma is just one area in which I support clients with the work I do.



Case #1: Healing Sexual Trauma

Jennifer 35 Year Old Female

Main Concerns
Inability to achieve orgasm, feels tremendous guilt and shame after having sex. Has a hard time maintaining intimate relationships. Tends to drift out of the body during sex and not remain present. Suffers from neck and pelvis pain, injured tail bone many times. She also reported that it was very difficult for her to maintain intimate relationships.

During the intake session she revealed that she had been molested and emotionally and physically abused by her father starting at age 11. He also used corporal punishment to discipline her. She also comes from a Southern religious background.

Here we see that the breach of trust at an early age from one of her primary care givers resulted in chronic conditions with sex and relationship. The trauma she suffered sexually early in life led to feelings of shame and impaired her ability to enjoy sex. In this case the perpetrator was never punished and her religious indoctrination led to feelings of guilt regarding sex.

Treatment: After two treatment cycles she was able to release feelings of guilt and shame in relation to her sexuality. She was able to achieve orgasm and was able to attract a  male partner into her life.

For Healing Sexual Trauma Some of the Essences Used Were:
Missouri Primrose, Hyssop, Blackberry Lily, Motherwort, Sunflower, Cinqufoil, Black Cohosh, Turk’s Cap Lily and others

The essences chosen were designed to:

  1. Release Guilt and Shame
  2. Strengthen Her Boundaries
  3. Support Self Worth
  4. Clear Trauma from the Pelvis
  5. Clear Subconscious Imprints from the Trauma

In a situation like this when the perpetrator goes unpunished it leaves a gap in the healing process. But through clearing the low toxic vibrations of sexual trauma from her system, forgiveness was allowed to happen. This helped her to find the pleasure and joy in sex and sexuality.

I Share this case to illustrate the simple and profound healing power of flower essences. As with any form of healing results vary.

healing sexual trauma