Flower Essence Therapy a New Healing Dynamic

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flower essence therapyFlower essences present a completely new dynamic in the therapeutic area. Flower essence therapy offers healing and builds a bridge which spans from the heart of nature to the human heart and soul. The dynamics and dimensions flower essences cover offers a healing beyond what most of us are used to in the west.

Flower Essence Therapy

The healing potential of flower essence therapy moves beyond categories we are familiar with. It moves into the realm of soul healing and re-uniting with our divinity as the source for healing.We are conditioned to looking towards remedial treatments in terms of their effects on the physical level. But what if there was a tool that carried a vibration that influenced our emotions, mind and spirit? And this tool then brought about healing on all levels?

Flower essences are that tool and using them therapeutically is a relatively new field of research. FES, the Flower Essence Society has done amazing work in this area. Other notable researchers in this field include David Dalton of Delta Gardens, Steve Johnson of Alaskan Essences and Ian White of the Australian Bush Remedies.

The focus of flower essence therapy is to bring about true healing through the use of flower remedies. Flower essences are not a novelty and they have tremendous healing capacity when used in the proper context. Flower essence therapy is best approached as team work, with the client working with a trained practitioner. A trained practitioner has the objectivity needed to properly assess the clients situation. Then an accurate combination of remedies can be made for the client.

While flower essence therapy is a new field it is growing and you will begin to see and hear about it more and more. Flower essences are a safe way to deal with troubling emotions and emotional conditions such as depression, trauma release and anxiety.

I have studied the field of flower essence therapy for the past 15 years, my main teacher has been David Dalton. And, I am certified through the Northeast Flower Essence Co-Operative. If you are looking to work with flower essences in a therapeutic fashion, I am available for consultation over the phone or in person.

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