Cayenne Flower Essence

cayenne flower essenceCayenne Positive qualities:
Fiery and energetic, inwardly mobile, capable of change and transformation.
Patterns of imbalance:
Stagnation, inability to move forward toward change.

Benefits of Cayenne Flower Essence

Cayenne flower essence provides a catalytic spark to the soul who may be stagnating in its growth cycle. Such individuals become overly phlegmatic and complacent, not really challenging themselves with new experiences or stimulus. At other times, there may be a quality of simply feeling stuck or immobilized, unable to make real progress or change, or being caught in a pattern of procrastination and resistance.

Cayenne flower essence is an important general remedy for many life circumstances, as well as in many therapeutic processes. It stimulates an energetic response in the body and soul, helping to overcome apparent blocks to progress and transformation. Cayenne flower essence ignites and sparks the soul with its fiery essence. The individual becomes more awake and more capable of initiating and sustaining spiritual and emotional development.

Cayenne flower essence is a great catalyst of energy, it helps you get moving. It is a wonderful essence to use in a motivation formula. This essence is great for procrastinators and those who need to take more fiery action in life. Cayenne flower essence combines well with the following remedies.

Other Essences Related to Cayenne Flower Essence

Blackberry -This remedy helps us to overcome feelings of inertia helping us to translate our goals into action. Blackberry activates the will in clear and direct ways helping one to act decisively and execute their vision.  Useful when feeling stuck, a keyword for this essence is tenacity. The Remedy is made by FES.

Horseradish – Old recurring thoughts or ideas receive energy to come forward for action, release or manifestation; one feels more power/energy to act; obsessive thinking patterns are discarded. This Remedy is made by Delta Gardens.

Loveage – Moving into the world with a sense of safety and joy; developing a sense of exhilaration in walking one’s path; confidence in taking action. This Remedy is made by Delta Gardens.

Wild Rose – Wild Rose flower essence addresses ambivalence, apathy, resignation and lack of hope. When these qualities become tangled in the personality, a person loses interest in life. This can  be crippling and lead to periods of despair and depression. Wild Rose acts to ignite the quality of joy within the person, helping one to take a renewed interest in the world. This is a Bach Remedy.