Flower Essences for Motivation

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flower essences for motivationIt is easy to use flower essences for motivation and direction. Flower essences can help to activate the will forces needed to accomplish any goal.

Many people find that motivation can lag for a number of reasons. This can happen when you have reached a goal and now feel flat or you may be at a crossroads and feel a bit aimless. Or you could be suffering from lethargy due over use of your will forces. Motivation can be lacking simply because we are not challenged or fulfilled. At these junctures  flower essences for motivation can help. Because flower essences for motivation bring forth the fiery will forces needed to burn through dross.

Flower Essences for Motivation

Blackberry – Blackberry flower essence is one of the best flower essences for motivation. It sparks the will into action to help you move from the dreaming phase to the doing phase.

Hornbeam – This flower essence for motivation helps when lethargy has set in. The lethargy hornbeam flower essence addresses is the result of over use the mind and disconnection from fulfilling work. If your lethargy is due to a soul draining vocation consider hornbeam to help you move towards greater fulfillment.

Silver Princess – This is a wonderful flower essence for motivation. It comes to us from the Australian Bush Essence set and it is key to helping  you find and move towards your life purpose.

Wild Oat – This flower essence for motivation is a fulcrum remedy a pivotal change essence. In the repertory of flower essences for motivation wild oat helps you to find direction. It is for those who are at a loss to finding a career path to commit to.

Wild Rose – Wild rose is a premiere flower essence for motivation, it helps you to overcome apathy, listlessness and resignation.

Flower Essences for Motivation to Activate the Fire Principal

These flower essences for motivation deserve their own category based upon their fiery nature. You will notice these three flower essences are common spices.

Cayenne – Cayenne flower essence activates and mobilizes will forces. This will help when there is stagnation it will be a great compliment to any of the essences already listed.

Habanero – Similar to Cayenne, Habanero flower essence works deeper in the system. This flower essence will help to clear trauma and other blocked energy. This flower essence for motivation will help to clear the subconscious. Often there are emotions that conflict with our process of growth and they cause lethargy.

Horseradish – Are you interested in clearing the more conscious emotions that inhibit your motivation? Horseradish will help you effectively clear obstacles. When using this essence it is good to have a goal that you are pursuing. It is a wonderful essence to coax you to action.

You can use any one of these flower essences for motivation in combination. These essences compliment each other and a formula with 3-5 of these essences will lead to major breakthroughs.

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