Combining Rescue Remedy with other Flower Essences

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Buy Rescue RemedyNew Ways to Use Rescue Remedy in Combination with other Flower Essences

You can now add Rescue Remedy to any Personal Formula you are making. Rescue Remedy makes a great addition to formulas when combined appropriately. In this post you will find a number of ways to include Rescue Remedy into Your Personal Formula.
Although Rescue Remedy is a formula it is also considered a single remedy and can be combined with other remedies in a dosage bottle.

When adding Rescue Remedy to Your Personal Formula, it is considered one essence. So be free to explore the many ways you can include Rescue Remedy in Your Personal Formula.

Rescue Remedy
+ Crab Apple:
Use for upset stomach and discomfort from eating poor quality food and bad food combining. This formula can also be used topically for rashes/hives or other inflammation related skin issues. This essence is good to have on hand when traveling or anytime, very handy combination.

Rescue Remedy
+ Olive + Hornbeam+Elm:
This formula is useful for states of exhaustion, it is also great for general use.

Rescue Remedy
+ White Chestnut+ Vervain:
This formula is useful for an over anxious mind and is most helpful when the mind is keeping one from sleeping.

Performance Anxiety
Rescue Remedy
+Larch + Mimulus:
This formula is useful for stage fright/performance anxiety.

Menstrual Discomfort
Rescue Remedy
+ Pomegranate+Lady’s Mantle+Uva Ursi:
This formula is excellent for the discomforts associated with PMS and menstrual cramping. Pomegranate is available from FES, Lady’s Mantel is from Delta Gardens and Uva Ursi from Elemental Garden Remedies.

PS, I am a male but I know this formula works because a female partner of mine would uses this every month, she swore by it. Also good applied topically to the uterine area.

You can Buy Rescue Remedy directly from Essence Alchemy at either the stock level or include it in a Personal Formula you are creating.

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