Bach Flower Remedies and Sexuality

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At the time Dr. Bach created flower essences, sexuality was not a widely discussed topic. Now sexuality plays a more prominent role in the discussion of health and well being. A healthy relationship to our sexuality makes a vast improvement on the quality of life. Simply because sex and sexuality are such highly charged topics. There is a need to approach it with dignity and care so healing can occur if there has been wounding. Healing wounds around sexuality takes time and awareness because  there is charged emotional component to sex and sexuality.

Guilt and Shame, Performance Anxiety, Erectile Dysfunction, Healing from Trauma, Issues of Control, Shyness, Boundaries, Anxiety, Loss of Drive and Bitterness

Thankfully we have flower essences and the work of great minds like Dr. Edward Bach to draw inspiration and healing from. Bach remedies can be applied to healing sexuality in a variety of ways. In this post we will look at the ways which Bach flower remedies and sexuality intersect and how we can use Bach flower remedies for issues related to sexuality.

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Bach Flower Remedies and Sexuality

Guilt and Shame
Common in today’s world is the association of sex with sin, of sex with being dirty or unclean. We are simultaneously repulsed by sex as well as being drawn to it because sex is taboo. This is a contradiction, a place in our psyche that needs balance and reconciliation.  For the equation of sex with guilt and sin there are two main Bach remedies, Crab Apple and Pine.

Crab apple is for the unclean feeling that some people feel after sex and towards sex. Crab apple flower remedy will help to purify your emotional field and clear feelings of uncleanliness around sex as an act. It will also help heal your relationship to sex and help you feel more at ease with your sexuality.

Pine helps to cleanse the mind of guilt and shame based thinking. It is especially good for those who come from a religious background where sex and guilt are bunched together. Pine flower essence helps to free us from guilt and shame based thinking, it will help you find freedom form these feelings. And, this will lead to greater states of sexual enjoyment.

Performance Anxiety and Erectile Dysfunction
The Bach flower remedy Larch is particularly helpful for men who suffer from impotence due to lack of confidence or shyness. This can be helpful for ‘performance anxiety’ when combined with the Bach remedy Mimulus. Larch is also helpful for erectile dysfunction can be combined with Wild Rose as well.

Healing from Trauma
Star of Bethlehem is a soothing remedy that helps to clear trauma from the system. This Bach remedy is helpful for those who are the victims of sexual violence. Rock rose can also be helpful in this case, as well as Cherry Plum if there are thoughts of suicide.

To help clear blocks in sexual energy due to past trauma or abuse Rock Water can be useful. It can also help to free blockages that prevent us from experience pleasure.

Issues of Control
For those who use love and sex to as a tool of emotional control Chicory flower essence is indicated.

Vine and Vervain can also be consider here. Vine is for the domineering type and Vervain for the type A personality.

For the shy type, Water Violet can help you to come out of your shell and meet others from an authentic place.

Healthy Boundaries
If boundaries are your issue, Centaury is the essence for you. If you find yourself in situations that are uncomfortable and you find it hard to say “No” Centaury is the essence to assist you with setting clear and healthy boundaries.

Addiction and Masking of True Feelings
For those who with a sex addiction consider Agrimony. Any addiction including sex addiction can be a way of avoiding deeper feelings. If this is the case Agrimony will be help you come to greater emotional honesty and clarity.

For those who are anxious and uneasy with sex, look to Aspen and Mimulus. If your anxiety is of an unknown origin Aspen, if your anxiety is due to shyness and a certain phobic feeling use Mimulus. Also crab apple would be good here if the anxiety is around cleanliness.

For those who are bitter about love and sex Holly is indicated. Beech is another Bach remedy for those who are bitter towards themselves and others.

Apathy Loss of Sex Drive
For apathy and a loss of the sex drive consider Wild Rose. Along with Wild Rose you may want to look at Olive, Hornbeam as well as Larch. All these essences deal with drive on some level. Wild Rose is useful when apathy is present, Olive for physical exhaustion consider using Olive if you find sex tiring. Hornbeam is also for low energy, particularly when the mind drains physical energy.

These are just some of the ways which Bach flower remedies can be used to heal our relationship to our sexuality. When used with care and proper attention there is much emotional freedom and awareness we can reclaim and this can lead to greater levels of sexual enjoyment and pleasure.

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