Benefits of Rescue Remedy

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benefits of rescue remedyRescue Remedy or as it is also known Five Flower Formula is a popular flower essence combination formulated by Dr. Edward Bach. The benefits of Rescue Remedy include relief from stress and anxiety. It was originally designed for acute situations and is most beneficial when used this way. There is no danger of overusing it but it will be felt most when used as directed.

An acute situation is one that is short in duration and one with immediate consequences. It is a situation that comes on rapidly and moves rapidly. An acute situation where Rescue Remedy would be helpful is anxiety caused by running late for an important meeting. Example being stuck in traffic due to an accident. This is acute, it is immediate and will pass. Rescue remedy can be used in many situations such as this.  Other examples:

  • Nervousness around meeting someone new
  • Giving a presentation/job interview
  • Starting a new job
  • Initial shock of receiving bad news, upsetting phone call
  • Fight with a loved one
  • First day of school for a child
  • Also good for cuts, burns, scrapes, bruises or other accident related trauma

There are thousands of more nuanced acutely stressful situations that Rescue Remedy would serve. Look at what is present in your life I am sure there is an application.

The Benefits of Rescue Remedy

So what are the benefits of Rescue Remedy?

  • Improves emotional and mental recovery from shock and trauma
  • Grounds your energy and awareness helping you to focus
  • Brings calm where there has been unsteadiness
  • Helps you stay focused and centered
  • Smooths emotional reactivity helping you to act rationally
  • Enhances emotional and mental stability

These are some of the main benefits of Rescue Remedy. I have seen it help people feel more like themselves when they are sick, ate too much or suffering from PMS pains. The uses and benefits of Rescue Remedy are many and varied. And, with that said I want to caution against trying to use this for chronic conditions. It was not designed for this. For chronic conditions seek the guidance of a flower essence therapist.

To learn more about the Benefits of Rescue Remedy, view this video.

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