Bach Remedies for Sleep

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Sleep is like a dream come true for those that find it and a nightmare for those whom it eludes. Insomnia can lead to deep frustration and dissatisfaction. Sometimes we have a hard sleeping due to immediate circumstances and sometimes it is chronic. There are many reasons why a good nights sleep is important and  there are a number of Bach Remedies that can help you get a good nights rest.

Bach Remedies for Sleep

White Chestnut
Key among the 38 Remedies is White Chestnut, this remedy aids the mind to slow down its mental chatter and incessant thought cycling to bring about a restful mind. The great thing about this remedy is that you can use it for acute situations. My suggestion is to keep a bottle near your bed and take 2 drops directly from the stock bottle before laying down to sleep.

Rescue Remedy
Next on list would be Rescue Remedy, the essences in this combination are helpful to curb acute anxiety and stress. It would be wise to consider Rescue Remedy when you are going through stressful or troubling times and this is the cause of your insomnia.

In general Vervain is for the high strung type, the constant doer who is always on the go and planning what is next. Vervain flower essences will assist this type to take a more relaxed less edgy approach to life and tasks. Those needing this essence would be wise to consider using it throughout the day to assist with a more relaxed approach to life that will then translate to better sleep.

Similar to Vervain, Impatiens is more of a type remedy and from the name we can glean that this essence helps with impatience. Those needing this remedy may be generally impatient types or just going through a cycle where their patience is being tested. This is a great remedy that helps us to slow down and take a more eased approach to life. This remedy can also be used safely throughout the day.

Bach Remedies are safe to use long term or on a temporary basis. They are non habit forming and non addictive. They simply help adjust underlying reasons that lead to sleep disturbances in the first place. It is also suggested to look at your lifestyle to see what might need adjustment. Maybe you need to stop drinking caffeine after 3 pm or not eat so late. But whatever the reason Bach Remedies can be of great assistance on a path of balance.

Please note Bach Flower Remedies promote balance, which is a wholly personal experience also note that any of these remedies can be taken throughout the day to promote balance. They will not cause drowsiness or sleepiness throughout the day, they will promote balance and this will no doubt leaving you feeling happier and healthier.


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