Flower Essence for Shy Students

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This post will cover Single Flower Essences and Essence combination formulas for students. The flower essences discussed will address topics such as studying, learning, focus and concentration. These suggestions should be considered adjuncts to a regime of diligence, interest and effort in regards to school and studying. And, if there are distinct underlying emotional reasons inhibiting diligence, interest and effort flower essence will help you child re-calibrate and get on the path to better grades.

Shy Students/Low Self Esteem
hy students that exhibit low self esteem and low self confidence in the school setting are usually capable but have yet to find their groove in the structured school environment. Sadly though the pressure of learning only re-enforces a false belief that they are not capable of the succeeding in school.

Flower Essences to Consider
Clematis- this is the remedy of choice for the dreamer, for the student who has trouble staying connected to what is going on. It helps one to remain present, connected and alleviate mental fog.

Elm- is the stress of what is requested of you testing you ability to maintain your poise. Do you feel unable to handle the pressure of tests and the testing environment? Consider elm to help you in times like these.

Gentian- has a low score on a test got you down? Is there a subject you struggle with and just can’t seem to get right. Gentian, encourages faith, hope and perseverance in the face of such challenges.

Larch- the power of larch is that it supports us in overcoming the fear of failure. Often those needing this remedy are perfectly capable yet lack the needed confidence to achieve their desired results.

Hornbeam- when weariness has set in this is the go to remedy, great for those who get tired from studying.

Rosemary- this is for bringing greater vitality to the whole thinking and cognitive process. This is helpful when feelings of dullness take over, restores interest and vitality.

Mimulus- this is useful when shyness is encountered in the face of challenges. This essence helps students face the pressure of exams and presentations with greater fortitude.

Sunflower- this remedy fosters sun-like radiant forces within us. This remedy is great for building confidence and for overcoming fear of failure.

Missouri Primrose- this is for connecting with feelings of worthiness.

Mountain Pride- this essence fosters great forces of resilience helping one to confront challenges.

Pink Yarrow- for not taking on the emotions of others, this is for the sensitive soul who is too easily influenced by the thoughts and feelings of others.  

Wild Rose- has the system your in produced apathy? When we feel we are on the fringe and neglected we can become apathetic and this cycle will feed itself.  Wild rose helps us confront apathy and move forward with renewed interest and vitality.

School/Learning Combination

Rescue Remedy

Rescue Remedy would also be good to use for times when a student is anxious regarding an exam, test or presentation and you can consider taking Rescue Remedy along with any or the essences mentioned. You can also use Rescue Remedy in conjunction with the formula listed below. Even though Rescue Remedy is a formula it is considered a single essence and can be combined like a single essence when making up a combination remedy.

Here is one possible combination to address the spectrum of challenges for today’s student:

Walnut, Chestnut bud, Rosemary, Clematis, Wild Rose, Yarrow

Everyone is unique and these remedies are presented as possible options for the shy student who is plagued by low self esteem and low self confidence.

This is NOT medical advice, the information presented here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.

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