Pink Monkey Flower

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Pink Monkeyflower

Pink Monkey flower essence carries a unique quality; to bring us to a state of emotional honesty. Emotional honesty helps us to look within and accept and access our authentic self. Helping to counteract the fear of being exposed; that is fed by a lack of self acceptance. This fear erodes our sense of worthiness and courage to be emotionally honest with our self and others.

Pink Monkey Flower relates to matters of the heart. When closed due to feelings of guilt and unworthiness, Pink Monkey Flower can help the heart to open and become more trusting. When we hide deep pain in the heart these internalized feelings keep us locked in limited emotional range. The soul requires openness to fully evolve, it does not function healthily on a diet of fear, insecurity, cynicism and loneliness. These feelings also prevent us from making deep connections with others, allowing a nurturing connection with others feeds the human soul on many levels.

Pink Monkey flower helps us to take the type of emotional risks that enhance personal growth and feelings of worthiness. Use Pink Monkey Flower essence to treat childhood abuses that have shut down the heart and caused fear and pain which prevent us from having emotional fulfilling relationships. Emotional honesty with ones self and others is a key to happiness in intimate relationships. If we suffer from the pain of guilt and shame it cuts us off from feeling the warmth that comes from honestly connecting with others.


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